Arnon Rodrigues

👋🏼 Hi, my name is

Arnon Rodrigues

I build things for
the web and mobile.

I am brazilian 🇧🇷 and a front-end developer who loves to apply technology to solve problems. I have experience in websites with UX/UI design, SEO best practice and agile methodology with SCRUM. I am communicative, dedicated and always interested in learning new technologies and improving my skills.

🧳 Portfolio

Some projects that I have built and maintain

Bot Deschamps Newsletter Image

Bot Deschamps Newsletter

A Bot that reads Filipe Deschamps' Newsletter and turns each news into a Tweet.

Python IconPython
Gmail IconGmail
Twitter IconTwitter
Livrero Image


A virtual bookshelf with books you've read and books you want to read.

Vue IconVue
Quasar IconQuasar
Firebase IconFirebase
My Option Image

My Option

A single-page application for tracking all stock options in the Brazilian financial market.

jQuery IconjQuery
Bootstrap IconBootstrap
Personal Portfolio Image

Personal Portfolio

Personal page to present my professional and volunteer work and my contact details.

NextJS IconNextJS
React IconReact
Typescript IconTypescript

🤝 Volunteer

Some projects that I develop and help to maintain voluntarily that it is in accordance with principles that I believe such as education, culture, art, public health and sustainability

Cookies Carioca Image

Cookies Carioca

A website that sells cookies. I can say that the cookies are delicious.

Vue IconVue
Typescript IconTypescript
Bootstrap IconBootstrap
By Arcadia Image

By Arcadia

Arcadia is a form of utopia for people who are interested in every aspect of art.